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Steinel TH-310 ThermaHeat Cordless Butane Heat Gun
Cordless and flameless butane heat gun. 750°C / 1400°F, Piezo ignition, catalyst heating element, up to 100 minutes of consecutive use, adjustable heat output, hundreds of uses.
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Details of Steinel TH-310 ThermaHeat Cordless Butane Heat Gun

The Steinel TH-310 ThermaHeat cordless butane heat gun is designed specifically for jobs where flameless heat is required. The heat gun features a wide nozzle and high-output long life catalyst heating element that provides for an infinitely adjustable heating tool. With literally hundreds of uses, the MJ-950 is the most versatile industrial strength cordless butane heat gun available.

The included heat deflector attachment makes shrink tubing a breeze. The unit is easily refilled with standard butane available in most local hardware stores, features an ergonomic grip, and is constructed with the highest grade metals, plastics and ceramics.

Specifications Length190 mm (7.5 in) Weight (when gas filled)135 g Approx. Temp750 C / 1400 F Nozzle SizeI.D. 14 mm (.55 in), O.D. 20 mm (.75 in) Gas Container Capacity20 ml Operating Time120 min at mid settingFeatures
  • High output flameless heat gun.
  • Instant-On Piezo ignition.
  • Rapid heat up for immediate use.
  • Long life catalyst.
  • High output element for demanding applications.
  • Comfort ergonomic grip.
  • Up to 100 minutes of use at mid setting
  • Deflector circulates heat and protects nearby work.
  • Flameless temperature up to 750 C / 1400 F
  • Adjustable heat output.
  • Thaw frozen locks
  • Install thin wall, dual wall and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing and sleeves
  • Remove windshield caulking
  • General heating and drying applications
  • Activates adhesives and potting compounds
  • Bend and form plastics and plastic laminates
  • PVC bending
  • Preheat flux
  • Stretch vinyls
  • Repair vinyl
  • Heat test electronic components
  • Thaw frozen locks
  • Shrink anti-static film tubes, molded parts and light gauge shrink packaging
  • Install thin wall, dual wall and adhesive lined shrink tubing and sleeves
  • Install heat shrinkables and solder-filled terminals
  • Remove windshield caulking
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